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A Housing ‘FLOOD’ Expected To Hit The Market

Baby boomers are now ages 55 to 73. Housing economists project that millions of homes will hit the market in the next couple of decades as current owners move in with their children, into assisted living housing or pass away. Popular retirement destinations like South Florida, will begin to see a boom of inventory hit the market soon. “The number of extra homes opening up via boomers aging out will be comparable to the extra wave of supply built in the heady days of the early 2000s,” economist Jeff Tucker told BuzzFeed News. “These homes will also be more affordable to a broader range of buyers than most newly built homes, due to the diversity of building ages and conditions.” Over the next 10 years, an estimated 27.4% of owner-occupied homes will hit the market, much of it in or near city centers rather than in the outer rings and suburbs, where new homes tend to be built. As homeowners age and begin vacating, it could represent over 20 million homes entering the real estate market.

It’s hard to imagine because in recent years, South Florida has experienced an inventory shortage of affordable single family homes. Right now, affordable single family homes continue to be in very high demand, causing homes to sell quickly, at or above asking price.

For sellers,
the forecasted ‘flood’ signals that now is a great time to sell. Once the inventory of homes rise, the market will become a decidedly “buyer’s market”. To maximize net profits, properties must be skillfully marketed. Every decision during the sale process matters: who/when/how/what/why; each choice has a dollar impact on price. To learn about our Seller’s Guarantee Program visit: www.dawessellerguarantee.com or call 855-766-4574 and immediately enter ID # 3045



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We’re on a mission to raise funds for Living Water International by making a donation for every home we sell so that water wells can be built in communities in need. Your referrals really do help save lives! 

Water provision is the cornerstone of Living Water’s work in every country they operate in. Access to water is more than just building a well. It’s about installing the right systems, and helping whole communities, even regions, have safe access to a reliable water source. These water systems significantly improve the lives of the people who live there. – Liz Dawes, Founder of the Dawes Team

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Why Entrepreneurs Are Flocking to South Florida to Start Companies

It wasn’t long after Brad Saft, a lifelong New Yorker, launched his education-focused startup that he found his attention drifting South. After several trips to South Florida, he fell in love with the sunshine, casual lifestyle, and the comparatively low cost of living. Shortly after he moved his business, EverBright Media, to West Palm Beach.

Saft found more than pristine beaches and warm temperatures. EverBright Media, No. 135 on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies, benefited from the region’s strong infrastructure including incubators and university entrepreneurship programs for startups.

Saft is not the only entrepreneur who’s bypassed hubs like Silicon Valley and New York City in favor of South Florida. The region is emerging as a hotbed for startups, local entrepreneurs say, with 139 companies on the Inc. 5000 list based in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach metro area. Diverse industries are flourishing in the region; everything from health technology to media to food, boast fast-growing companies.  – Kerry Close, Inc Magazine

A good chunk of the companies on this year’s list of fastest-growing businesses come from this corner of Florida and their employees need to BUY or RENT HOMES!

5 Top Reasons Why You Cannot Trust The Accuracy of a Zillow “Zestimate”

When you’re thinking about selling your home, you will probably go on line to check check the value of your home. You enter your address and Zillow pops up. Their “Zestimate” is a very popular way of GUESSING what your home is worth. 

#1 Reason why you can’t trust a Zestimate: 

Zillow is not looking at your Home’s Condition and Features. Here’s a recent example: the Zillow “Zestimate” for one of our sellers stated $348,000., but after seeing the beautiful updates, and the immaculate condition of the home, we knew that it would sell for more. The property was listed at $425,000. Right after that, the Zillow Zestimate went UP to $411,000. The home sold during the first OPEH HOUSE for $427,000!” If the Seller would have trusted the “Zestimate” he would have lost $77,000! The truth is, Zillow is GUESSING because they do NOT know the condition of your home, your improvements, your location and your neighborhood.

For the remaining Top 4 Reason Why You Cannot Trust a Zillow Zestimate visit www.DawesTeam.com/blog

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Living Water International drillers either use a powerful compressor to blow soil out as we drill, or we use a large pump that will create a powerful circulation to push the soil up and out of the hole for us. Then analyze the soil and see what we are drilling through. A driller is always looking for sand, gravel, or fractures in stone that may contain water. This process goes on and on until the driller either sees water blow out of the borehole or sees a formation that shows the presence of water. Once the borehole is drilled and the well is constructed and sealed, we must then find a way to extract the water from the deep aquifer that lies below. We do this by installing a hand pump that uses a variety of valves and seals inside of a pumping cylinder or an electrical pump. This equipment then pushes or pulls the water up to the surface with the power of a strong motor. These simple hand pump wells bring clean water to entire communities and change lives forever!

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The 9 Step System to Get Your Home SOLD FAST And For TOP DOLLAR!

The 9 Step System to Get Your Home SOLD FAST And For TOP DOLLAR!

Selling your home is one of the most important steps in your life. Our 9 step system will give you the tools you need to maximize your profits, maintain control, and reduce the stress that comes with the home-selling process:  Buyers are far more discriminating, and a large percentage of the homes listed for sale never sell. It’s more critical than ever to learn what you need to know to avoid costly seller mistakes in order to sell your home fast and for the most amount of money. Here are some deadly mistakes most home sellers make:

1. Failing to analyze why they are selling.
2. Not preparing their home for the buyer’s eye.
3. Pricing their homes incorrectly.
4. Selling too hard during showings

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