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What’s the 4 letter word no Homeowner wants to hear? MOLD!

What’s the 4 letter word no Homeowner wants to hear? MOLD!

What’s the 4 letter word no Homeowner wants to hear? MOLD! Florida is known for its tropical climate and although mold is not exclusive to warm weather, it propagates much faster in high temperatures & humidity. Thankfully, with specialized knowledge and expert help, you can overcome mold safely & successfully.
Having proper coverage through a current homeowner’s insurance policy is a necessary evil (more on that later). Don’t let your policy lapse or expire! It could cost you 100X more than keeping it current. Know your policy benefits, exclusions and deadlines. Report to the insurance company, by phone and in writing, any issues the moment you become aware of them. Ask them to give you a claim number and begin to document everything. Most policies have a reporting deadline, which can be as short as 14 days. If you miss the deadline they may have a reason to decline your claim.
Next, call a trusted certified expert to complete a thorough investigation of the issue. Not all companies are equal. Testing should be done by a qualified company not affiliated with the remediation company to avoid a conflict of interest. The insurance company is not responsible for identifying the source and extent of the problem. They may try to control the process to mitigate their liability at your expense. Know your rights by thoroughly reading your policy. Consult an attorney if necessary.
It’s in your best interest to hire the best certified experts to identify the source and the extent of the infestation. This may involve opening walls, ceilings and floors, which must be done under strict safety procedures. Diligently document everything with clear photos, videos, work orders, paid receipts, etc. Once the problem and source are identified, it’s time to hire the right restoration professional who will follow the expert’s protocol. Lastly, bring the Tester back before sealing affected areas to certify that the work was properly completed.
Your family’s safety comes first. Depending on the issue, you may have to move out temporarily. Your insurance policy may include lodging and related expenses. Be prepared for the insurance company not to collaborate, to delay, and even to deny liability. They expect you to give up and let them off the hook. Check out this book on WHY INSURANCE COMPANIES DON’T PAY CLAIMS AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT http://delaydenydefend.com/…
Keeping a current insurance policy, being ever-vigilant and prepared to deal with this silent monster is critical to successfully identify and remedy a mold problem. In our 30 years of Real Estate experience we have worked with the best experts in the industry. Our VIP clients benefit from this specialized knowledge and have access to these invaluable resources as a benefit of working with the Dawes Team.

If you’re still wondering if now is a good time to sell or buy in your specific situation, we can provide you with accurate information and assistance during your home buying or selling venture. We offer free virtual consultations to review your specific circumstances. Simply email us at liz@DawesTeam.com or call 954-240.9680  We look forward to figuring a best plan for you. 

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